Paper Options

You're never fully dressed without a smile.  Nor is your project without the right paper!  It's a big world out there, but we have narrowed down our favorite papers and want to show you why we love them, and how they will help bring your project to life.

Cotton Lettra

Tree-free is the way to be.  Crane's Lettra is 100% cotton and is made for letterpress.  It's soft, fluffy, and thick which makes for a nice deep printing impression - the kind that screams letterpress from the top of the highest mountain. We love to use Lettra for wedding invitations, and other special even invitations because of it's luxurious feel.

Fluorescent White (Bright White)

Some notes about Lettra:

  • It comes in three colors:  Fluorescent White (or flo-white if you're in a hurry) is the brightest white of the three.  Pearl White is slightly off-white, and our most popular choice.  Ecru is a rich cream.
  • Lettra is does not have a smooth surface, which means that totally opaque color washes are not a guarantee. Think stone wash jeans, which in some opinions are never out of style.
  • Lettra comes in two weights, 110lb and 220lb. When considering a two sided project, we recommend sticking with 220lb because it still allows for great impression on both sides. Below, 220lb Cotton Lettra is pictured on the left and 110lb is on the right.
110 v 220.JPG


Color plan is a great option when your job requires a heavy weight paper. It is tree-based, and a little more rugged than Lettra, which makes it great for applications like business cards that will encounter a lot of handling. We stock White Frost, Natural, and Ebony in house in 100lb, 130lb and super thick 260lb weights. Colorplan has a line of 50 colors that can be specified at no additional cost. Ask us for samples and color options.

White Frost

french paper co.

French Paper Company makes over 100 colors of paper in many weights. We use French Paper for a variety of projects across the board. French Paper can be specified in any color at not additional cost. Ask us for samples and color options.


The workhorse!  Our chipboard comes in 22pt, 30pt or 50pt and is brown in color. Chipboard is 100% recycled and made from recycled pieces of scrap.  It tends to vary slightly in color between lots.  It's rough, rugged and tough for those projects that really need to assert themselves.

duplexed paper

We can duplex, or even triplex virtually any type of paper for endless possibilities of weight and color combinations. We always recommend duplexed paper for two sided projects. This ensures maximum printing impression on both sides with nobody the wiser and an amazing finished product. A project need not be two sided to call for duplexed paper, however. We love duplexing Colorplan or French Paper onto the back of a project printed on Lettra for an extra pop of color, or triplexing a bright color in between!


For coasters, we offer high quality size A2 envelopes in two colors - cream and kraft. For A7 wedding invitations we offer all three cotton lettra options with a pointed flap, along with kraft envelopes, and for A2 size invitations we offer all three lettra cotton options with a square flap, along with kraft. Colorplan and French Paper Company envelopes are also available at not additional cost.

Coaster Envelopes
A2 Invitation Envelopes
A7 Invitation Envelopes

Coaster Stock 

Our coaster stock is thick and absorbent, 80pt (about the thickness of a nickel) off-white pulp board made from 40% pre-consumer recycled content and wood pulp from managed forestry. Our bulk coasters (orders over 2k) are printed on 60pt pulp board and perfect for your brewery, restaurant, or marketing campaign.

Customer Supplied Paper

Do you have a project that requires an extra special paper? We are happy to print on paper that you supply to us at no additional cost. Please contact us, and we can let you know what size and quantity your project would require to get the job done.